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Artyom A. Tuprikov

programs (portfolio)

Current projects :

I'm really sorry, but all the programs are in Russian!
If you want an English version, email me.

Substring search: [sources] [program]
Platonic solids transformations: (temporarily frozen) [sources] [program]

Completed projects :

Function chart: [sources] [program] [screenshot]
Minimal covering tree: [sources] [program]
Binary tree: [sources] [program]
Koch curve: [sources] [program]
Sorting algorithms: [sources] [program]
Lists demonstration: [sources] [program]
Character animation: [sources] [program]
Analog clock: [sources] [program]
Octahedron rotation: [sources] [program]
Function chart (DOS version): [sources] [program]

1. .NET binaries require .NET Framework installed on your PC.
Download .NET Framework (dotnetfx.exe): [Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (~23 Mb)]
2. DOS graphic binaries require egavga.bgi driver.
Download egavga.bgi driver: [egavga.bgi (5.42 kb)]
Place the driver and the binary into one folder.

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